What is Sustainable Living?

Our Planet is in trouble don’t you agree? After decades of dire warnings about climate change and environmental crisis you’d think sustainable living would be the new normal by now. Unfortunately our response to this crisis has been neglected. But with individual efforts to save our environment can help secure the future for all of us and this can be achieved by living sustainably.

Sustainable living is all about reducing an individual’s or society’s impact on the environment and Earth’s natural resources. It describes a lifestyle that aims to reduce the ecological footprint through daily actions and habits, from eating organic food to avoiding use of single-use plastics and by altering their home designs and mode of transportation, energy consumption.

Sustainable living describes a system of balance, where today’s behaviors don’t negatively affect society’s future quality of life. It describes practices that ensure we preserve natural resources for years to come.

Sustainable living encourages people to minimize their use of Earth’s resources and reduce the damage of human and environmental interactions.

Goals of Sustainable Living
Image Credit Penn State University

Sustainable Living is often called “earth harmony living” or “net zero living” as it aims to achieve an environmental equilibrium with the earth.

Is Sustainable Living actually possible today?

There’s a common misconception that sustainable living requires you to be an off-grid homesteader or a strict vegan who makes their own cleaning products. However, that’s simply not true.

The best thing about low impact living is that there isn’t a rigid set of rules that define it. You can start by using a recyclable/reusable bamboo toothbrush. Consider where your actions exist on the spectrum of how negatively or positively they affect the environment.

“Its easy to do nothing.”

But when it comes to sustainable living and saving our planet all you have to do is start. If everyone picked up just a few of the sustainable habits, we’d be on a clear path to a sustainable future.

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