This Shah Rukh Khan co-star says ‘Pakistan’s public doesn’t support its own actors, but when they go to India…’

Alyy Khan has been a part of the Hindi film industry and has also worked in the Pakistani film industry. He was seen in films like Luck By Chance, Don 2, and most recently, in Zoya Akhtar and Netflix’s The Archies.

The actor recently spoke about the difference in the two industries in an interview with Maliha Rehman and said, “I began my career in India, and whatever respect I earned in my career started from there. When I started working in Pakistan, I was already in a ‘nearly famous’ category. I didn’t have to face some of the problems that Pakistani actors do. Not only India, I had also worked in other industries around the world, so I had that experience.”

He added, “But Pakistan’s public doesn’t support its own people very easily. When actors go to India and they’re praised there, suddenly their value increases.”

On the budgets

“People talk about budgets, but exposure is more important. There was a film called Bheja Fry. They made it for Rs 50 lakh, but it earned Rs 10 crore. They made a sequel for Rs 10 crore, but it didn’t do well. Budgets aren’t the only thing. You need people on set (to maintain order). In Pakistan, you go to a commercial shoot, the budgets are high. They want to shoot in magic light, and you arrive on set on time, but the way people work is still as ‘dheela’ as it used to be. You can forget all about magic light. The actual work isn’t happening the way it should happen.”

Netflix and Zoya Akhtar’s The Archies streamed on the giant from December 7. It received great reviews and reception but also had its share of critics. Amid the criticism and minor trolling, an interview of Alyy Khan, who plays Suhana Khan’s father in the film, has gone viral.

Much before the project was announced, he spoke about how the director trained all the debutants for a year before they faced the camera. He was quoted saying, “If you face the camera after a year of training and fail to be razor sharp in your performance, shame on you.”

This Shah Rukh Khan co-star says ‘Pakistan’s public doesn’t support its own actors, but when they go to India…’Read More

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