British PM Rishi Sunak plans to spend about 100 million Pounds to tackle issues caused by AI

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has unveiled plans to allocate over 100 million Pounds ($125 million) towards bolstering the UK’s position as a global frontrunner in regulating AI, with a focus on regulatory challenges and advancing research and development initiatives to keep AI in check

The government intends to channel nearly 100 million Pounds into establishing nine new research hubs at universities nationwide, alongside forging a collaborative partnership with the United States to ensure responsible AI deployment.

Additionally, 10 million Pound will be allocated to support regulatory bodies, with an additional 19 million Pound, earmarked for 21 projects aimed at enhancing machine-learning technologies to enhance productivity.

Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology, Michelle Donelan, emphasized the proactive approach to mitigating AI risks, positioning the UK to harness the technology’s benefits while prioritizing safety.

In its forthcoming response to an AI regulation consultation, the government will outline its stance on advanced general-purpose AI models, advocating for prudent oversight without hastening legislative action.

Sunak’s previous hosting of an AI safety summit underscores the government’s commitment to addressing potential risks associated with AI, including concerns about weaponization and cybersecurity threats.

Simultaneously, the UK and France are slated to co-host a conference in London to address the proliferation of “hackers for hire” and combat malicious use of commercial cyber tools, drawing participation from representatives of 35 nations.

As AI and technology ascend the political agenda, the leading opposition Labour Party, ahead of the upcoming general election, is also elevating the discourse on AI and technology.

Shadow Technology Secretary Peter Kyle is set to engage in discussions with key stakeholders in Washington DC, including the US government and major tech firms like Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Google, and Apple, in a bid to shape Labour’s technological strategy.

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British PM Rishi Sunak plans to spend about 100 million Pounds to tackle issues caused by AIRead More

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